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The biggest thing I’d like you to know about me is how grateful and joyful I feel for the job I do and the many clients that entrust their time and legacies with me.

Talking about myself feels a little weird. But, I totally understand (and encourage) your desire to know the person behind the lens and I hope these tidbits can inspire a real conversation between us!

I have the best clients in the world. Getting to know you, experience your joys, hopes, and dreams with you, is a remarkable thing. Call it God, the Universe, the Force…I believe in It wholeheartedly. It is a guiding light and energy that powers everything I do. I feel and call upon it daily, especially before I start shooting.

As the song goes, “all you need is love,” and when I think about the magic that brings two people together and compels them to take such a grand and beautiful leap of Faith, my heart swells and I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Yep, I do cry at most weddings. I’ll also cry with people when they tear up seeing themselves in portraits through my loving eyes.

Mmmmm…what else….

Family is super important to me and a big reason that I enjoy the many dynamics and love-stories to be found within weddings: bride and groom, child and parent, siblings, best friends - I am inspired by all of these relationships. My boys (husband Shaun, and sons Liam, & Ian) are my “raison d'etre.” Hey I took French in junior high, I might as well use it…lol.

I like corny jokes. Actually, I like all kinds of jokes. Laughing is awesome.

Jokes aside, when I work I often think of those three guys and how lucky we are. I think of how much I equally love making images of the most grand and mundane moments we share. While shooting for clients I relate my life and loves with what I’m seeing unfold in front of my lens and this compels me to create images with truth and heart.

Chocolate and fresh-baked bread are real good pals of mine (sometimes together, hello Nutella). I am an avid fan of Harry Potter and JK Rowling (who isn’t??). Dog lover, cat lover…any animal lover: that’s me. Traveling is also another passion of mine. I love movies, like A LOT. I try to find adventure in getting lost…unless it’s making me late, which I no like so much. I adore my babies’ little, fat toes (I will miss them someday too soon). I melt a little each time Liam hugs my legs out of the blue or when Ian grins his toothless smile so big his dimples show. The little things in life seem to have the greatest power for joy. Thankfully, photography keeps me disciplined enough to seek and see those little details regularly.

I have a nerdy side. My favorite photographers are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Margaret Bourke-White, and Annie Leivovitz. I hold photography/studio arts/art history degrees from UH (go Cougars!). I loved school a little too much, maybe.

Professionally, I am a destination wedding photographer and portrait photographer based out of Houston (home base) and Seattle (my second love). Weddings, commissions, and collaborations have taken me to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Riviera Maya, NYC, Sedona, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest — just to name a few places. So, I am available to document your big day or special project wherever that may be! Did I mention I love to travel?

As you may have already seen, my specialty is story-telling through documentary-style photography. I always put to use my creative eye/artistic skill, an ease for gentle direction, and (most of all) an open heart at all my shoots. If you want photos with feeling, you’ve come to the right place.

I have a genuine love for all people and visual story-telling, which is why I believe photography chose me.